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The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion

Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch)
Hardcover: 256 pages
Regnery Publishing, Inc.

In this startling new book, New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer, provides a warts-and-all portrait of the Prophet of Islam and draws out what his life implies for reforming Islam and repulsing Islamic terrorists. Spencer relies solely on primary sources considered reliable by Muslims and evaluates modern biographies to show how Muhammad has been changed for Western audiences, lulling them into consoling but false conclusions.
Muhammad: a frank look at his influential (and violent) life and teachings
In The Truth about Muhammad, New York Times bestselling author and Islam expert Robert Spencer offers an honest and telling portrait of the founder of Islam — perhaps the first such portrait in half a century — unbounded by fear and political correctness, unflinching, and willing to face the hard facts about Muhammad’s life that continue to affect our world today.
From Muhammad’s first "revelation" from Allah (which filled him with terror that he was demon-possessed) to his deathbed (from which he called down curses upon Jews and Christians), it’s all here — told with extensive documentation from the sources that Muslims themselves consider most reliable about Muhammad.
Spencer details Muhammad’s development from a preacher of hellfire and damnation into a political and military leader who expanded his rule by force of arms, promising his warriors luridly physical delights in Paradise if they were killed in his cause. He explains how the Qur’an’s teaching on warfare against unbelievers developed — with constant war to establish the hegemony of Islamic law as the last stage.
Spencer also gives the truth about Muhammad’s convenient "revelations" justifying his own licentiousness; his joy in the brutal murders of his enemies; and above all, his clear marching orders to his followers to convert non-Muslims to Islam — or force them to live as inferiors under Islamic rule.
In The Truth about Muhammad, you’ll learn

• "I have been made victorious with terror" — and other statements of Muhammad on his deathbed
• The strange incident in Muhammad's life that makes it virtually impossible to prove rape in Islamic countries today
• How Muhammad used the graphic lure of Islamic Paradise to urge his warriors to fight furiously to extend his rule
• "Kill every Jew who comes into your power": Why Muhammad became so angry with both Jews and Christians — with disastrous consequences that are still playing out in the world today
• Muhammad's child bride — and the terrible consequences his marriage to a nine-year-old still has in the Islamic world
• "War is deceit": The permission Muhammad gave his followers to lie in order to gain an advantage over their enemies
• How Muhammad broke the principal treaty he entered into, again setting a pattern for Muslim states thereafter
• Muhammad's commands to his followers to wage perpetual war against non-Muslims
• Muhammad on women's rights: Women "are prisoners with you having no control of their persons"
• Why Muhammad still stands as the supreme model of human behavior for Muslims -- the "Perfect Man"
How other modern biographies "sanitize" the figure of Muhammad for Western audiences
• The truth about Muhammad’s multiple marriages (including one to a nine-year-old)

• How Muhammad set legal standards that make it virtually impossible to prove rape in Islamic countries
• How Muhammad’s example justifies jihad and terrorism
• The real "Satanic verses" incident (not the Salman Rushdie version) that remains a scandal to Muslims
• How Muhammad’s faulty knowledge of Judaism and Christianity has influenced Islamic theology — and colored Muslim relations with Jews and Christians to this day.
Recognizing the true nature of Islam, Spencer argues, is essential for judging the prospects for largescale Islamic reform, the effective prosecution of the War on Terror, the democracy project in Afghanistan and Iraq, and immigration and border control to protect the United States from terrorism.
All of which makes it crucial for every citizen (and policymaker) who loves freedom to read and ponder The Truth about Muhammad.