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A Força da Razão

Oriana Fallaci
29/06/1929 - 15/09/2006


At 20:11, Blogger A Free Man said...

A great and brave woman!

I have read both The Rage and the Pride and the Force of Reason, brilliant!

May she rest in peace and may her wisdom affect many!

At 21:27, Anonymous Anónimo said...

o papalagui diz...

balls of steel or straw-man.

will the pope stand on his

Indian Kashmiri activists of the
pro-Pakistani Muslim League
Jammu Kashmir (MLJK) shout
slogans against
Pope Benedict XVI in Srinagar

Muslims want apology from Pope

Full text: the Pope's speech

o papalagui disse.

At 16:28, Blogger Virus said...

And so it begins...

At 17:41, Blogger Anthrax said...

Uma grande mulher, sem dúvida.

At 12:59, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Carmen Alborch (psoe) impidió que se le concediera el premio Principe de Asturias a la gran Fallaci.......?


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