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A Igreja nega-se a abrir a Mesquita de Córdoba ao culto islâmico.

Pelo menos desta vez a reposta foi contundente. O bispo de Córdoba disse «não» ao presidente da Junta Islámica Española, Mansur Escudero, que há poucos dias enviou uma carta ao Papa reclamando o uso conjunto da Mesquita-Catedral de Córdoba.
À proposta de Mansur Escudero, que pretendia abrir à "oração partilhada" de católicos e muçulmanos a Catedral de Córdoba e converter o lugar num "templo ecuménico", monsenhor Juan José Asenjo respondeu que tal situação «não contribuiria para a convivência pacífica dos diferentes credos» e «só geraria confusão nos fiéis abrindo caminho à indiferentismo religioso».
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At 10:59, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Eles é que deviam devolver todas as mesquitas.
Até a própria arquitectura delas foi roubada aos cristãos e aos judeus.

At 12:22, Blogger MARTEL said...

Será que os turcos permitiriam aos cristãos que voltassem a rezar na antiga basílica de Santa Sofia, hoje transformada em museu? Certamente não.
Portanto, espero que a Igreja da Espanha mantenha-se firme em sua decisão.

At 10:25, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Simpatiquísimo apellido "Asenjo".....¿De origen abulense?

At 13:23, Anonymous Anónimo said...

The islam cult is a dictatorship of a false religious concept. They are afraid of the true power of any free people, that in freedom without any bias any society pressures would never accept mental blindness stubbordness and hypocrisy.

WAKE UP islam (stop destroying yourselves and the God created Mankind and world) AND RAISE UP IN UNISSON AGAINST ISLAMO-FASCISM! Stop your involution with the devil that is leading your satanic islamo-fascist cult, and BE CHRISTIAN!

The arab leader of the 7th century (D.C.) never was and never will be a prophet in the Religious sense of the word. The arab mohammad was a criminal in the complete sense of the word:

(1) he killed by his sword and personally cut the throat to several hundreds (cumulatively, thousands!) of what he considered enemies (just because they were Jews or Christians and did not believe in him, a criminal!)

(2) he was a hatemonger because hated is enemies and therefore incited his stupid followers to kill and persecute in his false name (it is written in the false quran, reason for which it does not emanate from God; may be from the devil or any pig you want)

(3) he was not a peacemaker (as Jesus Christ was; as well as St Francis of Assissi, St Theresa of Avila, the berber St Augustine, St Francis Xavier, Dr Livingstone, MK Gandhi, ML King, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, etc etc and millions of anonimous behings throughout the World) and in his name and because of this islamo-fascist cult, millions of Christians and Jews were killed murdered or enslaved from the 8th to the 12th centuries, from Syria and Iran to Palestine, to northern Egypt, and northern Africa until Morocco; and the thousands of churches and synagogues these deceivers and un-holly people destroyed because of their mental blindness racism and stubbornness.

(4) he was a womanger, since he had 10 official wives, 3 concubines and several others non-nominated female slaves

(5) with the third wife (Aisha) he even was a paedophile by any Human Standards (but not under animal standards) since he consumed the physical act even before her to become a teenager

(6) he was a male chauvinistic in view of his tremendous and continuous disrespect for women

(7) he was a liar since he never was a prophet from God, because God does not select for His messenger this type of erratic criminal behaviour (may be he was on service of the devil, but never was on God Holy service)

(8) he was a falsifier and deceiver, since he recited copied plagiated and forged several parts of the HOLY BIBLE and presented Its Holy contents and ideas in a distorted way, as prepared hoaxes and false ideas only full of biased arab origins (or ordered others to do so, since he was illiterate). The false book koran or quran (that does not have nothing of holy that was not said before) contains distortions of the HOLY BIBLE so it is a falsification forgery and partial adaptation – so much distorted and adjusted to arab local interests and to the reality of the false prophet life and his real sinful existence.

(9) most of quran contents (above 70%) refer to incitements to killings to destructions violations assault, falsely legalizing for this islamofascist cult anything done to anyone non-muslim, also True God created. So its contents cannot come from God, but solely from the sinner and criminal mohammad and his blind followers (eventually with evil's influence).

(10) his false inspired book allows for bestiality, paedophilia, even prostitution and rape with non-islamic, so never could emanate from the perfect God concept, the One and Only

(11) he never was an never will be a prophet, because he did not prophesize anything

(12) under Law and Justice, mohammad or mafoma will always be a criminal, a murderer and a leader full of prejudice that incited several crimes to Mankind created in God's Image. If he was alive he had to be judged by these known crimes against Humanity (and many others not here listed), listed and set as example in the false religious book coran or quran, and be in jail several years for them (or have his hands cut, his head cut, stoned to death, etc by his own standards in his false religious book), and by having led his arab followers in a wrong, pharisaic, confused, out-of-focus, lying and misleading way. Such criminal must be in hell for the sufferings this psychopath impinged on his akin, on others at his time and throughout the world thereafter. Definitely not a man of God, may be only an instrument of the devil in disturbing then and now the Mankind peaceful co-existence otherwise.

(13) besides all these crimes and sinful attitudes he, and the one's who wrote and adapted the 'koran' for him (150 years after his death), still exerted the final arrogance of claiming for mohammad to be the last prophet! That is absolutely ridiculous, to say the least, since with such un-holly arrogance he his trying to silence God and All of His Holy Messengers (of whose list he will never belong).

(14) because of being one of the most successful criminals and deceivers of Mankind (may be with devil's help!), the arab merchant and sinner mohammad was then converted into an economic political and tribal leader, but he also revelled to have a psychopath a racist and a schizophrenic character common to mentally-blind illiterate people.
What is regretful is that some pious, God's fear and God's devoting character of many non-Christian arabs and middle east citizens, is not devoted to Jesus Christ. Under Law and Justice there is nothing to judge Jesus Christ for: He was a Lover of All Mankind, believers and gentiles, jews and non-jews, God-abiding people and people labelled by public as sinners !

Jesus Christ only gave examples of The Great Lover of Mankind and his best Peacemaker. Jesus Christ was is and will always be The Holy Being, a Holy Soul!.

Jesus Christ is the true God, the one and Only God of Jews (from whom Arabs also supposedly descend, from Abraham, as half-brothers) and Christians (and one day also The Prophet-God Messanger of the present muslims that will understand the falsity that has been followed), the Almighty Reason and Perfect karma of Buddhists and Hinduism, the God of gods of many civilizations not directly visited or witnessing His Human facet (Jesus Christ Himself).

In modern scientific terms, Jesus Christ can be thought as the three-dimensional intersection of God's multi-dimensional space with our three-dimensional human physical space on Earth and the Universe; so Jesus Christ is also the Creator or Cause of the Universe, and the leitmotiv of Humanity existence on His Image.

WAKE UP islam (stop destroying yourselves and the God created Mankind and world) AND RAISE UP IN UNISSON AGAINST ISLAMO-FASCISM! Stop your involution with the devil that is leading your satanic islamo-fascist cult, and BE CHRISTIAN for ever and ever!

Please post this as a help for all needed, and as a Human Testimony of my personal saga turning away FOREVER from islam and starting my happy harmonious hopeful loving catholic or universal survival with Jesus Christ, the Lover of Mankind and of All God Creation.

Nevertheless may God Almighty, Jesus Christ and His Holy thought His Holy reasoning or His Holy widsdom through the Holy Spirit be with you all, iluminating your path in the present darkness so that you also can achieve Light and be part of God's Holy Enlightment.

Gondes presently at mekka (but leaving soon this evil city).

At 13:49, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Not a single mosque should be permitted in Europe, if not in Full Parity with similar volumetric and society permission conditions for a Christian Church and Christian community be implanted and have the right to exist in Arab Iranian Indonesian or Malaysian soil or countries!

If built by community of certain country, in that country a church or community should have same right to build one and pray there with their flock of faithful christian believers or jewish believers.

Any mental blind and fanatic iman can spout all of his evil-mouth anti-American views, anti-Europe views, anti west views, any time he damn well pleases. But when any one speakes or acts against such agression, we are immediately called enemies faithless people, non-democratic etc etc. The cult islam is a false religion of hypocrisy.
I want the world to be the land of the free. Freedom of speech will prevail; even above the sinfull islamo-fascist cult!.

The islam cult and their blind followers have already shown to the world its true intentions. The quran itself declares the ultimate goal of islam. To convert the world through bloodshed and terror. A moderate muslim does not follow the quran, and would never accept such bunch of lies and distortions if not pressured by a theocratic demagogic sinful and dictatorship leadership. They say the Jews corrupted the scriptures yet their rubbish precious quran is littered with inaccuracies distortions and obvious lies. The world would to well to outlaw islam, since the mentally blind and stubborn islamo-fascist muslims are the true “Monkeys and Pigs” labelled in such un-holy book.

Recently several Christian churches have been closed in Algeria, the priests and local leaders and local faithful forbiden to practice! Is islam a religion of Universality? Definitely not; it is an evil satanic cult of dictatorship that want to dominate the world by the theocracy of sinners of criminal imans ... based on the false holy life of the criminal mass-killer hatemonger womanger and deceiver mohammad.
During 6 centuries they destroyed the churches and synagoges of christian and jewish communities that existed from Morocco to Egypt to Syria and even to Iran. Nowadays they are even persecuting the natural faithfull ressurgence of Christianity in such countries. They recently killed priests in Turkey in Algeria in Lebanon in Indonesia etc; they even decapitate christian school children in Indonesia, and not a single person from those countries speak about!!! It is shameful this people have human faces but behave like animals!.

I denied islam and the criminal mohammad forever and ever, and I embraced Christianity also forever. Until my last breath and with the Light of the Creator on my Human Behing because I believe in Jesus Christ redemption of the sins of All the Mankind and I endure in faith through the holy thought holy reasoning fostered by the Holy Spirit of His universal presence.

At 22:41, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Why not also to open the St Sofia (Haga Sofia) church in Constantinople to the Christian cult!
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth! It is the only way the islamo-fascist understand!


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