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novo livro: Religião da Paz?

Here is a simple, direct, clear, and unflinchingly honest introductory text for those who will not believe, and cannot believe, that the Islamic jihad is either deeply rooted within Islam or poses any serious threat to non-Muslims. In Religion of Peace?, Gregory M. Davis, coproducer of the documentary Islam: What the West Needs to Know, has provided in one volume of reasonable proportions the relevant extracts from the Qur'an, the Hadith, the Sira (the biography of Muhammad), Islamic jurisprudence, plus evidence that contemporary jihadists read this material and take it very seriously indeed. All this along with a history of jihad warfare and a trenchant analysis of the defects of today's politically correct public discourse, in which even world leaders peddle soothing falsehoods instead of formulating ways to defend Western civilization and the non-Muslim world as a whole against the jihadists who would convert or subjugate us all.
Here are some of the endorsements the book has received, mine among them:
"A fascinating thesis." - William F. Buckley Jr. Founder, National Review
"A valuable, well-argued contribution to the public understanding of Islam...it manages to convey in a short space what the West needs to know about Islam: that its violent aspects are not the result of deviance but of orthodoxy." - Robert Spencer, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and The Crusades)
"A very important work at a very important time. Anyone interested in understanding the growing violence on the world scene today must read this book. Its message for America and the West is, `Wake up before it's too late.'" - Gary Bauer, President, American Values
"This book provides a timely reality check to those still inclined to believe in the dichotomy between a "real" Islam and its allegedly aberrant violent fringe. That delusion costs lives and threatens the very existence of those affected by it. The refusal of the elite class to open its eyes to reality and protect Western nations from the threat is the biggest betrayal in history. It reflects a problem of cultural and spiritual decay that is the synthesis of all others." - Serge Trifkovic, The Sword of the Prophet and Defeating Jihad