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Power Girls

Atlas Shrugs e Ann Coulter na apresentação do livro desta última Godless, the Church of Liberalism.


At 21:34, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Who is the ugly girl with Ann Coulter?
Why is she a "power girl?" Have you seen her web site? Ayyy!

At 04:09, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Great - I was reading Supergirl's Atlas blog and I found this site. I am surprised to find such a great blog in Portuguese.

This is wonderful. Perhaps there is hope for Europe - but it will be a long, hard struggle. The sad thing that Europe has gone to bed with the devil (well, several devils actually - Islam, multiculturalism, PC speech, the welfare state, etc...) and now must pay the price - and it will be more than a pound of flesh.

Good luck to you, Ms. Silvey, and to your blog. I will put it into my favorites. Keep up the good and necessay work.

John Kactuz, aka kactuzkid

Radical Muslims kill, moderates make excuses (Minha lema!)

At 13:20, Blogger Elise said...

o problema da ann coulter é que por vezes excede-se.


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