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* What went wrong?
«Muslims are 22 percent of the world population and produce less than five percent of global GDP»

* Quetta and Surplus Jihadis
«The number of madrassas, however, has kept on surging even after the capture of Kabul in 1992. In 1947, for instance, Pakistan had 245 madrassas. In 1989, the overall estimate was under 2,000. By the year 2000, our Ministry of Interior had enumerated 6,761 madrassas. In 2001, one hundred and nine more madrassas were added (while the total number of madrassas has not decreased since September 11 the number of foreign students at these madrassas has gone down sharply).»

* Children of ‘Jihad’
«Ahmed Salim and A.H. Nayyar have compiled a 140-page report on ‘The State of Curriculum and Textbooks in Pakistan’. The Report is nothing short of a sneak preview of how our Ministry of Education is preparing five and seventeen year old Pakistanis for ‘jihad’. To be certain, the ‘themes of ‘jihad’ and ‘shahadat’ clearly distinguish the pre- and post-1979 educational contents. There was no mention of these in the pre-Islamisation period curricula and textbooks, while the post-1979 curricula and textbooks openly eulogize ‘jihad’ and ‘shahadat’ and urge students to become ‘mujahids’ and martyrs.»

* Help Palestine [hidayahnet] Who is killing the most Muslims in the world
«Question: Who has killed more Muslims than RAW, CIA, MI6 and Mossad put together? Answer: Muslims.The OIC lords over 800 million illiterate Muslim men and women. These illiterate Muslim men and women are lorded over by an assortment of Muslim monarchs and authoritarian dictators. It's the Muslims who are doing all this to Muslims.»